i ended up getting a job
(2019 dec 28)

Regular readers of this blog (by which I mean people who read the LAST POST) will recall that I said I was looking for a job.

Well, pretty soon after that post, I actually did end up getting a job at Big Fancy Local Tech Company™, which is pretty cool. (at least I hope so!)

So, although this news is a bit out of date, I’m posting it now because I am actually starting my new job shortly after the new year. Which is coming up!

That’s all the news in my life at the moment!

Oh yeah, also, if you like running random perl scripts and also like Pokemon, I’ve been working on a very silly PROJECT which is a set of utilities to randomly edit the Pokemon Crystal ROM.

It’s not done yet – still have a couple more things I’d like to randomize – and I realize that ‘collection of ~6 Perl scripts that must be run from the command line’ is maybe not the world’s greatest distribution method. However, you might get a kick out of the screenshots.

Anyway, yeah, that’s what I’ve been working on for fun lately.

This is not the ‘something else’ I referred to in my last post, though – that’s still getting some finishing touches, but will hopefully be released soon.

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