Hi, welcome to my (newly-redesigned!) Internet home page.

I make games sometimes and upload them here. So far, I've made 22 different games. Check them out if you want to!


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List of games

= favorites / recommended
☆☆ = if you play nothing else, play these!

Picture Game Date
screenshot Stars Align
A game where a lizard wizard must bring magic tiles into alignment using summoning magic.
(Ludum Dare 55)
2024 Apr 15
screenshot Automaton
A platformer game made in Flash (!) where a robot goes around making extremely important choices.
2023 Oct 28
screenshot Hazel & Hector
A puzzle game in which you must help two anxious snowshoe hares eat all the grass.
(Ludum Dare 54)
2023 Oct 1
screenshot The Pigeon Post Principle ☆☆
A puzzle game in which Anne-Marie the postal pigeon must deliver letters and ride the wind.
(Ludum Dare 53)
2023 May 1
screenshot Mouse-Eating Snake
An action game where an increasingly long and aggressive snake tries to eat your mouse cursor.
2023 Feb 5
screenshot The Great Flood
A short atmospheric puzzle game where the entire world is filling up with water.
2023 Jan 31
screenshot Squirrelativity
A puzzle game about rival groups of squirrels stocking up for the winter.
(Ludum Dare 52)
2023 Jan 8
screenshot Water Bird
A PuzzleScript game about working together.
2022 Oct 16
screenshot Renew My Subscription
A mind-bending time-travel puzzle game about delivering packages on schedule.
(Ludum Dare 51)
2022 Oct 2
screenshot The Great Flood (Jam Version)
Original Ludum Dare 50 release of The Great Flood.
2022 Apr 3
screenshot Chthonic Brilliance ☆☆
A puzzle game in which you can help a cute slime dig for gems.
(Ludum Dare 48 ver. released 2021-04-25)
2022 Feb 25
screenshot Long Animals
A relaxing Tower of Hanoi toy starring increasingly lengthy critters.
2021 Sep 19
screenshot Chthonic Brilliance (Jam Version)
Original Ludum Dare 48 release of Chthonic Brilliance.
2021 Apr 25
screenshot Entanglement
A difficult pawn puzzle game loosely based on quantum mechanics.
(Ludum Dare 45)
2019 Oct 10
screenshot Block Chain
An action-puzzle game, literally about chaining blocks. Also, you are a fish.
2018 Sep 13
screenshot Petra
A box-pushing puzzle game where you're the Medusa of boxes.
(Ludum Dare 42)
2018 Aug 12
screenshot Mirror Garden
An action-puzzle-gardening game in which symmetry is bliss. Gets out of hand very fast.
2018 Jan 17
screenshot Snake Food
An action game where you must dodge hungry snakes in a loopy maze.
2017 Dec 12
screenshot Cyber Flyer
A geometric spaceship shooter game with futuristic 3D Vector Cyber-Graphics™.
2017 Nov 9
screenshot Tip of the Tongue
An action/literacy game in which you must shoot the fake words trying to sneak through.
2017 Oct 10
screenshot Frog Flip
A frog-based flower defense game.
2017 Oct 8
screenshot Catch!
A falling-block + thing-matching game.
2017 Oct 5
screenshot The Pearl Fisher
A fish-based sorting game.
2017 Oct 2
screenshot Snake, but you can only turn left
Snake, but you can only turn left.
(Works on phones!)
2017 Oct 2