About this game

This is the original game jam version of The Great Flood, uploaded here for posterity. Be sure to check out the cool updated version!

This version placed 8th overall in Ludum Dare 50, pretty cool!

2023 NOTE: It seems that Firefox on some operating systems has a bug that causes parts of the game to appear blurry. Even though I developed this game on Firefox, it has developed this strange problem. I hope they will fix it, but in the meantime, if you run into this issue, much as it pains me to recommend it, I recommend trying the game in a different browser like Chrome, Edge or Safari.

Original description follows.

The world is being flooded by a rainstorm of mythical proportions!

Can our frog hero escape the rising water before it’s too late, or is this just delaying the inevitable?

Use the arrow keys to move around. You can push boxes. Metal (red) boxes will sink in water, but wooden boxes will float. The water rises every time you take a step, and will submerge one layer of the level every five steps. You can climb up a ladder, which only counts as one step.

The Roman numerals on each layer represent the height of the layer. I think I forgot to say that in the game. Oops.

The quotes are from various world mythologies about floods, including the Epic of Gilgamesh, the King James Bible, and a few others.

There are 10 levels total.

  • Arrow keys to move.
  • R to reset the level.
  • Z to undo.

Tools used

  • Music: FL Studio w/ GeneralUser GS soundfont and sampled vinyl record noise
  • Sound effects: pxtone + Audacity + my actual real life bathtub
  • Art: Aseprite
  • Badly-Rendered Text: Gimp
  • Programming: vanilla JS / canvas (my own custom engine, based on code from chthonic brilliance). I wrote the code in vim.
  • Levels created with Tiled and compiled into a simpler format using the ulvl Python library.