Happy new year
(2022 Jan 3)

Hi! Happy 2022 to all of you. I hope your holiday season went well!

2021 was actually a fairly good year for me creatively, though it might not be super obvious seeing what I actually released this year. Certainly the amount of stuff I released was a step up from 2020 though, where I was basically on a break the whole year!

But, I have quite a few projects that I’ve been working on for a while which should come to fruition soon and that’s going to be exciting.

cassowary.me-related things that happened in 2021

I have a couple more things nearing completion, which will be exciting surprises when they come out, but they are not finished yet. Should be an improved version of chthonic brilliance releasing soon, as well as a downloadable puzzle game with 50 levels (and background music done with a synthesizer I’ve been writing from scratch!) and an album of original vocal music???

You can see the progress on the improved chthonic brilliance project and the puzzle game on the Twitter account which I linked above.

Anyway, 2022’s looking like it might turn out to be exciting in terms of my projects. So, keep an eye on this website, I guess!

OK, talk to you later!

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The picture on this page, per the caption, appears to be a double-flowering poppy. Related to the opium poppy (!) but legal to grow.

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