The Pigeon Post Principle
(2023 may 10)

Okay, so I made another game for Ludum Dare 53...

Feel free to check it out!

I don’t really have much to say on this one other than I’m pretty shocked how many people have been playing it. It’s only been out for a little bit over a week and it’s already surpassed Squirrelativity’s total views over the past 4 months. Pretty crazy. I’m happy other people seem to enjoy this type of game.

People seem to really like the music in particular, which is great to hear. I had a lot of fun recording it, and I actually kind of like doing jazzy things more than traditional music composition (it comes more easily to me), so I’ll try to continue to work these techniques into my music stuff in the future.

I don’t really have a whole lot else to say — I’m proud of how this one came out, there are a few minor things I’d like to tweak and some of the level designs are a little sloppy but overall I think it’s pretty decent! It’s a little bit ‘by-the-numbers,’ though, since I was a little bit busier over the weekend than last time. I’d like to try to make something a little more unconventional next time.

More broadly, I do enjoy making puzzle games, but I’m a little bit worried about pigeonholing myself (ha!) into a particular niche. I have some ideas for non-puzzle games in the future, so maybe I will try to work on those too. But I do enjoy the way that puzzle games are able to provide a challenge to the player without relying on quick reflexes or violence, so I will definitely keep making them!

My upcoming big project definitely has puzzles as a primary design element, but it is not a pure puzzle game, and has adventure-like and RPG-like components as well. I hope that people will like it. If you are interested, you can follow the updates on social media. Progress is fairly steady, and there should be a trailer coming out relatively soon! :)

(I think it’s going to be a commercial release, and I’m a little terrified of that. But I think it will probably be okay.)

Lastly!!! I updated some of the website CSS with some new fun techniques that I learned. I also have been adding images for all the games since it was a little silly that they weren’t there before. (There are still a couple missing, but I’ll add them in soon enough.)

All right, I think that’s it. Maybe the best part of releasing a new game is that it gives me an excuse to write one of these blog updates... ;)

Okay, goodbye for now!

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