About this game

You control a small slime named Andreas who is trying to collect gems in the underground. Dig through blocks to make your way through all 32 levels!

This is a much-improved version based on the original 48-hour Ludum Dare 48 version.

You can destroy dirt and sand blocks, and push boxes, by selecting them with your mouse. Dirt is not affected by gravity, but sand is. Collect all the small gems in the level first, and then collect the large gem.


  • mouse click or touchscreen tap to move the slime
  • Z: undo last move
  • R: reset level
  • M: toggle music
  • ESC: return to map screen

Tools used

  • Made with plain Javascript and HTML canvas.
  • I based the initial engine code off the engine of a previous LD game.
  • Graphics done with Aseprite, with the SimpleJPC-16 palette.
  • Music made with PXTone.
  • Sound effects made with the Magical 8 Bit VST, PXTone, and Audacity.
  • Levels created with Tiled and compiled into a simpler format using the ulvl Python library.