Website bump
(2021 Feb 23)

So it’s been a minute.

I have some stuff in the works but nothing that’s been super ready for release yet. But I thought I’d take some time to update some stuff on the website that’s been bugging me for a while here.

Notably: I added a purple background behind the cream color on desktop, to give the design a bit more visual structure. And (if you’ll notice) I changed the font to be a more standard serif font. Truth be told, I liked the monospace aesthetic for most of the site, but reading large amounts of text in that font was annoying, I think. And I think it made the website look a bit more intimidating. I want my personal website to be a welcoming place. So now we get Normal Blog Font. Now the website just looks like a book, which is fine.

Oh, also: there’s sort of a YouTube channel for the website. I’m posting random projects/progress videos there on occasion. Maybe check it out, maybe give it a subscribe. Or don’t. It’s up to you!

The picture in this blog post seems to be of a crab known as the edible crab, which is objectively a bizarre name considering there are many different kinds of crab I am aware of which are edible.

Ok, be back later!

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