About this game

You are a lizard, who is also a wizard. You have the power to cast a summoning spell to pull tiles towards you. Your mission is to align all the magical tiles in order to ensure that their magic power can flow freely. Can you line up the tiles in all 15 levels?

Created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 55. (Theme: "Summoning.")

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys to move around.
  • Use the space bar to pull a tile towards you. Tiles can move over empty spaces but not gaps in the level.
  • You can pull tiles from as far away as you want, even from the other side of a gap.
  • Your goal is to line up the lines on the edge of each marked tile with another marked tile, with a clear path between them. They can align over gaps, but not through walls.
  • Blank tiles can be moved around but don't need to be lined up with anything.
  • Brick walls block alignment and the character's pull power.
  • Z to undo, R to reset, M to mute.

Tools used

  • Graphics: Aseprite
  • Game engine: zucchinibread.js, my browser game engine
  • Level design: Tiled + ulvl
  • Sound effects: PXTone and Audacity
  • Music: Ableton Live