About this game

"Our company offers a subscription delivery box service with a unique guarantee: a new box delivered every ten seconds! How can we accomplish such a feat, you ask? ...That's a trade secret."

Construct the ideal delivery route to reach all houses in under ten seconds by weaving backwards and forwards in time. If you play your cards right, you'll be able to make it back in time to pick up the next shipment ten seconds later.

Placed 10th overall (4th for innovation!) in Ludum Dare 51 (theme: "Every ten seconds.")

I had this absolutely gonzo idea for a puzzle game with this theme (inspired by the one-electron universe) and just went forward and implemented it. It is a little bit mind-bending, in hopefully a good way! But maybe also in a 'completely incomprehensible' way. Well, I had fun making it, at least ;)

Most of the puzzles have many possible solutions, but that doesn't mean the solutions are easy to find!

There are 15 levels in total, which is more than any sane person should want. Your progress is saved automatically, so you can leave and come back later!


  • Arrow keys to move.
  • Spacebar to reverse the direction of the flow of time.
  • Period key (.) to wait for one second without moving. (Can't be used while on a one-way street.)
  • Z to undo
  • R to reset
  • SHIFT + X to delete your save data.

Tools used

  • Graphics: Aseprite
  • Music: PXTone (title screen music), FL Studio + Timbres of Heaven (in-game music) + Audacity (for reverse audio)
  • SFX: PXTone + Audacity (for reverse audio)
  • Code: vanilla JS + html5 canvas. Base code based on The Great Flood (which was in turn based on chthonic brilliance, which was in turn based on...)
  • Levels created with Tiled and compiled into a simpler format using the ulvl Python library.