About this game

Hazel and Hector are two snowshoe hares who live on a series of tiny islands and eat grass. However, they are very nervous about camouflaging with their surroundings! Help Hazel and Hector eat all the grass in 10 different levels.

Educational Fun Fact: In real life, snowshoe hares' coat colors change between brown and white with the seasons to better camouflage with snow in the winter!

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 54 (theme: "Limited space.")

How to play

  • Click and drag to move Hazel or Hector.
  • Hares can move freely on spaces of their color, or on mixed-color spaces, but on spaces of the opposite color, they will become nervous due to lack of camouflage and be unable to move.
  • When a hare is nervous, their partner can push them around by moving into them.
  • If Hazel or Hector moves onto a grass tile that matches their color, they will eat the grass. Eat all grass to complete the level (and make sure both Hazel and Hector are on matching tiles.)
  • There are 10 levels in total.
  • Use Z to undo, R to reset, M to mute. (There are also undo/reset buttons in the upper right corner.)

Tools used

  • Programming: zucchinibread.js, my JS game engine
  • Art: Aseprite
  • Level design: Tiled + ulvl
  • Sound effects: Audacity + fingernails / breath / carrot / acoustic guitar
  • Music: Ableton + Keyzone Classic VST + electric bass + acoustic guitar through fuzz filter
Special thanks to Crafty for suggesting the "sigh" animation.