About this game

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 45 (theme: "Start with nothing").


In quantum physics, a particle and anti-particle can be created from nothing (sort of).

In this game, the goal is to place a pawn on every goal space. You can create a pawn from nothing, but you'll have to create an anti-pawn too, which moves backwards and annihilates pawns that it touches!

Use the pawns and anti-pawns together to progress through the game and solve tricky puzzles!


  • Mouse click: Create pawn/antipawn pair
  • Arrow keys: Move pawns
  • Z: Undo last move
  • R: Reset level
  • H: Review all previous help text

Tools used

  • Graphics: Aseprite
  • Game engine: vanilla js + html5 canvas
  • Sound effects: Pxtone Collage


Looking back at this game from the future, I think you can really see a significant bump in art quality starting here. This is almost entirely attributable to the fact that I started using Aseprite for graphics. It really is that good...