About this game

You are flying through some sort of weird wire-frame cyber-land. It's your job(?) to destroy the various Platonic solids and other shapes that stand in your way, without running into a wall or an enemy.

I wrote all the 3D rendering code for this myself after taking a computer graphics course in college!!! However, the 'glow' effect on HTML canvas can be very slow. So if it runs slow for you, you can press Q to make it run better.

Also, there are powerups and stuff! My high score is like 10 thousand something? Anyway, enjoy.

(note: the text rendering doesn't work properly on mac due to single-line fonts being rendered differently on that platform... sorry about that. i made this game a long time ago.)


  • move : arrow keys
  • fire : Z or space
  • fire continuously : X
  • adjust rendering quality : Q
  • change rendering color : C (on lowest quality level)


  • one point per second of being alive.
  • 30 points for a yellow octahedron.
  • 20 points for breaking a seafoam dodecahedron.
  • 100 points for a red hypercube.
  • 150 points for an orange pyramid.
  • 80 points for a segment of a pink cube-snake.
  • 200 points for a blue hypercube.
  • 250 points for a chartreuse star.


  • the blue powerup lets you fire two shots at once.
  • the orange powerup lets you fire extra-fast.
  • the purple powerup lets you fire three shots at various angles.