2022 Oct 4

Renew my Subscription

Heyyy, I made yet another game for Ludum Dare.

The theme this time was 'every 10 seconds' so naturally of course I made a game about time travel...

Well, here it is: Renew my Subscription

I'm quite proud of the level of polish I managed to get on this. The work I did on the improved version of Chthonic Brilliance, where I added screen transitions and stuff, is really paying off.

I'm pretty proud of the game in general --- I think the mechanic is clever and it messes with your brain a little bit, and the visual effects with the color inversion were really fun to do.

I'm also proud of how the background music plays backwards when you press the spacebar.

Speaking of which, I've started to split out my 'copy-and-pasted code' that I've been reusing for years and years into its own 'engine' file that I can reuse more easily. I'm still working on moving the code into the engine, but I've already done music/sound effect/image support, as well as mouse events and a simple game loop, plus the aforementioned screen transition system.

I've ported Renew my Subscription to use this engine already, and if I make a post-jam version of that I'll probably base it on this version.

It's on Github here, if you're interested. I've added some basic, semi-unhelpful documentation. Honestly it's kind of more to remind myself how it works than to explain it to other people, but I figure it's polite to at least partly document the stuff I upload...

Anyway, see you next time!