2022 Apr 7

The Great Flood

I did Ludum Dare again! Apparently I'm better at doing the April ones, I guess...

The game I made this time is called The Great Flood and it's about pushing boxes around (of course) but the twist is that there's a constantly-rising water level, and some of the boxes float and others sink.

It's pretty simplistic in terms of level design, and it's short at only 10 levels, because I wanted to reserve some time for things like visual polish, music, sound effects, etc.

However, I think there's more that can be done with the idea, so I'm working on putting together a "Lost Levels"-type sequel which will use the same engine but have much trickier puzzles and be more in line with some of the other games I've released.

So, watch this space! I should have that up soon, provided I can come up with enough interesting puzzles. I really do think there's enough here to get at least 10 interesting puzzles out of this.