2021 Apr 27

Chthonic Brilliance

Hi there I did Ludum Dare again!

I made a game called Chthonic Brilliance in 48 hours and it's kind of cool! This is definitely the most graphically polished game I've released, which is... maybe more of an indictment of the amount of graphical effort I usually put in than it is praise of this game's graphics, but I still think it's pretty well-put-together for a 48 hour game jam game.

Anyway, check it out here for now. It's only uploaded to itch.io at the moment. I'll upload it to this site in a bit, but I think it is less confusing in this case if it's only in one place during the LD rating period.

OK see you around!

update 2021/apr/30

Ok, so this game is actually getting quite a few hits from around the web. I'm very proud of that, but I'm realizing people won't really have a way to keep track of what I'm doing after this. I mean, this website doesn't even have RSS for these infrequent posts.

So to that end I've made a Twitter. My past experiences with twitter have been pretty much uniformly negative, but maybe if I use this exclusively for `business' purposes, it will work better.