Hi! I like to make games and put them on the internet. If you like that, too, I think we’ll probably get along fine. Hopefully, you’ll like the games that I’ve made. I grew up playing a lot of flash games in the 2000s, and so my taste tends towards puzzle games and “arcade”-type (i.e. high score/time survival) games.

For more “thinking” experiences, consider Chthonic Brilliance (32 puzzles), Renew My Subscription (15 puzzles), and Squirrelativity (15 puzzles).

My favorite “arcade” games that I made are probably Tip of the Tongue and Block Chain. I am particularly fond of the mechanic of Tip of the Tongue. While it has rather crude graphics, and my skills have improved since, I am rather proud of its, um, fierce originality of concept?

The numbers before each game listed on the homepage represent the year/month/day each game was released.

(All the games were released in the 21st century!)


Are you from Australia?

Sadly, no. Against my better judgment, I chose to be born in the US. I just like the word “cassowary,” and have a longstanding affinity for flightless birds. I think they are some of the coolest animals out there.

What is the best way to contact you?

I don’t have a public-facing email for this website at the moment due to laziness and spam concerns, but you can @ me publicly on Mastodon or DM me privately on Tumblr if you need to contact me.

Can I use something you’ve made (a song, graphics, etc.) for a project of mine?

Yes, you can, for noncommercial purposes (CC BY-NC). Please credit me and link back to my website (cassowary.me) if you do this. Also, let me know about it! I’d love to see what you do with it. However, see the next answer for a caveat.

Please do not use my work for commercial purposes without my permission. (Unless the commercial purpose is background music for a youtube video with ads; that’s fine, but still credit me)

Can I feed your work into a machine learning algorithm?

Absolutely not, not even if you credit me. There are no legal protections against this currently to my understanding, but if you do this, I will add you to the list of people I will haunt as a ghost after I die, and I will make sure that you regret it.

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