Hi! I like to make games and put them on the internet. If you like that, too, I think we’ll probably get along fine. Hopefully, you’ll like the games that I’ve made. I grew up playing a lot of flash games in the 2000s, and so my taste tends towards puzzle games and “arcade”-type (i.e. high score/time survival) games.

For more “thinking” experiences, consider Chthonic Brilliance (32 puzzles) and Renew My Subscription (15 puzzles).

My favorite “arcade” games that I made are probably Tip of the Tongue and Block Chain. I am particularly proud of the mechanic of Tip of the Tongue. While it has rather crude graphics, and my graphics skills have improved since, I am rather proud of its fierce originality.

For the record, I am not from Australia — I just like flightless birds.

The numbers before each game listed on the homepage represent the year/month/day each game was released.

(All the games were released in the 21st century!)

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